J. Thomson | Non-Profit Retail Professional

J. Thomson

Non-Profit Retailer

Your most valuable asset is your staff. If hiring, managing, and motivating your sales associates has you singing the Blues, this session is for you. Your staff may be your biggest expense, and is the most visible interface with your visitors… so why aren’t you doing more to prepare them for success? Whether they are full-time, part-time, or volunteers, having an engaged and motivated team of sales associates is paramount to your store’s financial success. In this session, you will learn ten key metrics for assessing your sales associates’s performance. You will expand basic “customer service training” into proven professional development strategies that build your team’s strengths and keeps them engaged. By employing these real-world scenarios, you will gain valuable insight, tools, and resources that will transform your sales team from “one hit wonders” into “retail rock stars”.

“The public is not the buyer;

the public is the sensitive material

on which you hope to leave an imprint.”

—Henri Matisse